July 2022: Dinesh Rao is promoted to Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at UCLA

May 2023: Congratulations to Dr. Jayanth Palanichamy and other members of the Rao lab for their publication on phenotypes in Trp53 mouse.



October 2022: Congratulations to Dr. Tiffany Tran for her review article, now available online!


September 2022: Congratulations to Dr. Jennifer King for her publication in Frontiers in Immunology!


July 2022- Congratulations to Dr. Tasha Lin on a successful thesis Defense!

July 2022- Welcome to Michelle Thaxton, who joins the group as an SRA!

June 2022- The Rao Lab receives news of a major award from the California institute of regenerative medicine.  See:

April 2022- Dinesh Rao receives one of three awards from the UCLA Innovation Fund in the therapeutics track. See:




August 2021- The Rao Lab, along with the Sanford Lab are awarded a multi-PI R01 award from the NIH/NCI!

June 2021- Congratulations to Tiffany Tran, whose first-autjor pulblication of the critical role of IGF2BP3 in acute leukemia was published in the journal Leukemia. 

May 2021- Congratulations to Dr. Amit Kumar Jaiswal, who successfully published his first-author paper in Scientific Reports on the ise of limited CRISPR-Cas9 screening and the role of USO1 in B-ALL. 

April 2021- Congratulations to Tiffany Tran who successfully defended her thesis on the role of IGF2BP3 in MLL-translocated leukemia.  Congratulations, Dr. Tran! 

March 2021- Dinesh Rao receives a R03 award from the NIH/NCI




October 2020- Dinesh Rao presents a lecture at the 5th Annual UCHMC Research Symposium

June 2020- Dinesh Rao presents a talk at the SVIB meeting, which is virtual due to the COVID-19 pandemic 

March 2020- Dinesh Rao presents work at the Experimental Hematopathology Committee's workshop at USCAP in Los Angeles, shortly before the start of shutdowns at UCLA and around the country due to COVOD-19

February 2020- Dinesh Rao receives the ASH Bridge Grant award

January 2020- Dinesh Rao presents an invited seminar at UC Irvine in the Departmeent of Developmental and Cell Biology

Fall 2019: Welcome to Dr. Jayanth Palanichamy and Gunjan Sharma, graduate student, who are working on the IGF2BP1 protein in acute leukemia. 

Fall 2019- Dinesh Rao is cited as one of the "World's most cited researchers" by Web of Science

Summer 2019- The Committee on Experimental Hematopathology is founded within the Society for Hematopathology; Dinesh Rao is a founding member

July 2019 - Dinesh Rao is appointed to the ASH Scientific Committee on Epigenetics and Genomics. 

June 2019: Dinesh Rao is apponted to NCI-I Study Section

January 2019: Welcome to Dr. Tasha Lin, Hem/Onc fellow and STAR program fellow, who is working on a Ph.D.




June - Congratulations to Dr. Jennifer King on her thesis defense!

June - Welcome (back) to Dr. Jayanth Palanichamy as a Visiting Assistant Professor at UCLA!

April - Dinesh Rao is the Grand Rounds Speaker at the New York University Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine.

April - Congratulations to Dr. Jennifer King on her receipt of a K08 career development award from the NIH/ NIAMS.



July - Dinesh Rao is promoted to Associate Professor with tenure.

July - Congratulations to Thilini Fernando and the Rao lab for publication of a new paper on the role of lncRNA CASC15 in B-lymphoblastic leukemia.

July - The Rao lab receives a seed grant from Immunology, Inflammation, Infection and Transplantation (I3T) Research Theme at DGSOM.

June - The Rao lab receives an R21 grant from the National Institutes of Health/ National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIH/NIAID).

May - Dinesh Rao presents for Grand Rounds at the Department of Laboratory and Genomic Medicine at Washington University.

April - Blood publishes an article by the O’Connell lab at the University of Utah , where Dinesh Rao was a collaborating author.

January - A chapter authored by Dinesh Rao and Jonathan Said, “Pathology and Molecular Pathology of Hematologic Malignancies”, appears in: Loda M, Mucci LA, Mittelstadt ML, Van Hemelrijck M, Cotter MB, editors. Pathology and Epidemiology of Cancer.

January - Dinesh Rao is appointed Director of Translational Research for the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine.

January - Congratulations to Dr. Jennifer King, first author on a paper published in Frontiers in Immunology!

January - The Rao lab receives a research grant from STOPCancer and the Gary and Barbara Luboff Mitzvah Fund. Dinesh Rao is honored at a reception for the STOPCancer Foundation at UCLA on January 12.

January - The Rao lab receives a research grant from the Margaret E. Early Foundation.



December - Jennifer King presents her research at the 2016 Annual American Society of Hematology meeting.

December - Welcome to May Paing, our new lab manager.

August - Welcome to Dr. Amit Kumar, who has joined the Rao lab as a post-doctoral scholar.

July - Congratulations to Tiffany Tran, who received a T32 training grant from the Tumor Cell Biology Training Program.

July - Congratulations to Jorge Contreras, who received a T32 training grant from the Tumor Immunology Training Program.

june picture

June - Congratulations to Jorge Contreras, who successfully defended his Ph.D. Thesis. Dr. Contreras plans to spend another year in the Rao lab completing some additional research.

May - The Rao Lab receives a R21 grant from the NIH/NCI.

April - Congratulations to Dr. Nolan Ung, who received a T32 training grant in Developmental Hematology.

March - Congratulations to co-first authors Jayanth K Palanichamy, Tiffany Tran, and Jonathan Howard from UCSC! See our newest publication, at the Journal of Clinical Investigation

Also, see the press release at the UCLA website



January - We bid farewell to Norma, who is on to a post-doctoral fellowship at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center!

December - Congrats to Norma on her paper being accepted to Molecular Cancer!

november picture

November - Congrats to Norma Rodriguez-Malave, who graduated with her Ph.D. in Cellular and Molecular Pathology. Well done, Dr. Rodriguez-Malave!


november picture

We bid farewell to Dr. Thilini Fernando, the first post-doc in the lab! Thilini did an amazing job working on lincRNAs, and is moving on to a project scientist position at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. Congrats Thilini!

April - Welcome to Dr. Nolan Ung, who is our fourth post-doctoral fellow and an expert in image analysis!

november picture

- Tiffany Tran was accepted into the Ph.D. program in Molecular Cellular and Integrative Physiology at UCLA. Congrats Tiffany!


- The Rao lab's second publication is now published online. Congrats to Jorge Contreras. Read More

February - We welcome our third post-doctoral fellow to the lab, Dr. Jaime Angiuano. Welcome to the Rao lab!

- The Rao Lab's first publication with regards to long non-coding RNA is accepted for publication. Congrats to Thilini, Norma and Ella! Read More



november picture

November - We bid farewell to Dr. Jayanth Palanichamy, who was appointed as a tenure-track assistant professor at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, the most prestigious medical school in India. Congratulations, Professor!

September - The Rao Lab receives a supplement from the NIH Single Cell Analysis program to study single cell-level effects of microRNA function in B-cells. This was in collaboration with Dr. Alex Hoffmann.

november picture

June - We bid farewell to Jasmine Gajeton, undergraduate student in the lab, who is off to graduate school at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. Congrats, Jasmine!

March - A review in Frontiers in Genetics, authored by Jayanth Palanichamy and Dinesh Rao, is published.



December - Congratulations to Norma Iris Rodriguez-Malave, who was awarded the 2013 ASH Minority Graduate Student Achievement Award!

The Rao lab presents four abstracts at the annual ASH Meeting in New Orleans, LA.

October - Dinesh Rao becomes course director for a new course at UCLA, "Hematopoiesis: Basic Biology and Clinical Implications", which runs through the Fall Quarter. The speakers includenumerous basic scientific and clinical researchers at UCLA, Cedars-Sinai, and Caltech.

June - The Rao lab receives funding from the University of California Cancer Research Coordinating Committee.

november picture

May - We bid farewell to Ella Waters, who is off to graduate school at UC Berkeley. Congratulations, Ella!

April - Congratulations to Dr. Thilini Fernando, who received a training grant in Cancer Biology!

Jan - The Rao lab receives a R01 award from the NIH/NCI!


Nov - We bid farewell to Neha Goswami, our first technician and thank her for all her work in the lab.

Oct - Jorge Contreras receives a training grant award from the UCLA tumor immunology program.

november picture

Jun - We bid farewell to Dr. Young A Kim, who spent a year with us as a visiting scholar. To celebrate, the lab travels to LA's Koreatown for some excellent Korean BBQ!

May - Welcome to Dr. Jayanth Palanichamy, a new post-doctoral fellow in the lab.

March - Congratulations to Dr. Thilini Fernando, who received a training grant award in Developmental Hematology

February - A review in the Journal of Hematology and Oncology, authored by Thilini Fernando, Norma Iris Rodriguez-Malave and Dinesh Rao is published.



December - A review in the journal Leukemia, authored by Jorge Contreras and Dinesh Rao is published.


December - Congratulations to Norma, who received a prestigious graduate fellowship from the National Science Foundation (NSF).


November - Welcome to Dr. Thilini Fernando, a post-doctoral fellow in the lab.

September - Welcome to Dr. Young A Kim, a visiting scholar from Seoul, Korea, and Abinav Baweja, a medical student, who are now part of the lab.


August- The lab celebrates one year in existence!

July 1 - An invited review on microRNAs in myeloid development by Dinesh Rao and others appears in the journalBlood.

June 15 - Two graduate students, Norma and Jorge, join the lab.

May 22 - Dinesh Rao receives a research grant from the Tower Cancer Foundation at the Foundation's 2011 Tower of Hope Gala in Beverly Hills, CA.

May 15 - Two papers regarding the dramatic inflammatory/cancer phenotype in miR-146a knockout mice, on which Dinesh is a co-author, are published in J. Exp Med and PNAS.

May - Dinesh Rao receives a Kimmel Scholar Award for Cancer Research, funded by the Sidney Kimmel Foundation for Cancer Research.

April - Dinesh Rao receives the Stein-Oppenheimer Endowment Award at UCLA.